Course curriculum

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    Goodbye guilt

    • Satisfaction

    • Acknowledging the benefits

    • Self Talk

    • Goodbye guilt quiz

  • 3

    A nourished body

    • A nourished body

    • Exploring Eating Behaviours Quiz

  • 4

    Feeling your feelings

    • Feeling your Feelings

    • Feeling your feelings quiz

    • Mindful Body Scan Audio File

  • 5

    Practice not reacting

    • Practice Not Reacting

    • Practice not reacting quiz

    • Practice Not Reacting Audio File

  • 6

    Curiosity in the aftermath

    • Curiosity in the Aftermath

    • Curiosity in the aftermath quiz

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    • Goodbye

    • Post course survey- how is emotional eating affecting you?

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    Bonus Content

Bonus material

Plus, continue your journey to a positive relationship with food and body with this bonus content!

  • Intuitive Eating Assessment

    An intuitive eater uses their body's innate signals to guide their eating rather than relying on food rules. Eating intuitively is shown to reduce out-of-control eating and improve health and body image. When you purchase this course you will get this free assessment to see how much of an intuitive eater you are!

  • How is dieting affecting my life

    This free worksheet will help you explore deeper how your eating behaviours may be affecting different areas of your life. Identifying how your eating is helping or hurting you will allow you to make eating decisions that benefit your well-being.

  • Peace with body

    Go a step further and use this worksheet to begin assessing your relationship with your body. Making peace with your body directly impacts your eating behaviours and helps you feel in control around food